Practices of Trustworthy Advisors

If you are looking for a financial or investment advisor, finding a CFA charterholder is a good start. No credential is as widely regarded in the global financial industry for its rigorous focus on current investment knowledge, analytical skill, and ethical standards as the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. With more than 100,000 CFA charterholders in over 135 countries and territories and an increasing demand worldwide for the CFA® Program, the charter has become the global professional investment credential.

Here are some key considerations when choosing an advisor:
  1. Does your Advisor have a track record of honest, competent and ethical conduct that complies with the law?
  1. Does your Advisor have sufficient training and knowledge to make an informed analysis?

Advantages of a CFA® charterholder:

  1. Has your Advisor taken the time to understand you? Has he or she ….  
  1. Has your Advisor explained in clear, understandable terms how he/she will be compensated? Make sure you know how is your Advisor is being compensated.
  1. Does your Advisor put your interests first? Investment advisors can have potential conflicts of interest depending on how they are compensated.
Why select CFA Charterholder? They adhere to:

Click below to view CFA charterholders, some of whom are advisors, who support the Statement of Investor Rights..

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